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Oriented GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative)


1- What does traceability mean ?

Definition of traceability: “ability to track through all stages of production, processing and distribution any food, feed, food-producing animal or substance that will or may be used for foodstuff or feed".

2- Role of the food business operators  ?

Each link in the delivery chain has an identification and recording system they use for every stage of the production and distribution of meat.

As the first operator is the slaughterhouse, it is responsible for linking the meat with the animal or group of animals from which the meat originates; at the slaughter stage this linking is its sole responsibility.

The traceability system includes in particular the indication of the arrival, in the food business operator’s plant, of the animals, carcasses or their cuts as well as the departure of the said plant of these animals, carcasses or cuts; it also ensures a correlation between the arrivals and the departures.

And so on, each operator links the entering batch to the leaving batch up to the final consumer.



3- the traceability

The traceability system is applied in order to ensure the linking of the meat with the animal or group of animals from which the meat originates.

EUROSER encloses a traceability document (type SGA-REC-208.xls) or equivalent with each of its deliveries.


Get the SGA-REC-208.xls file on request per email to our Quality Department qualite@euroser.fr.