IFS Broker
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Production of service

Organisation / Order

Brokerage transactions stream

(1) Materials sourcing

(2) Processing of the requests

(3) Receipt of the suppliers’ stocks and offers

(4) Organisation of the stream and orders

Each sale ends in a contract between the supplier and the customer. This contract includes a unique number which will be used later and at each step of the delivery both for the supplier and for the customer. Editing the contract.

(5) Loading weights transmitted on the very day of loading

For each loading, the suppliers enclose an EUROSER accompanying document with their delivery note, this document is transmitted in the customer’s language.

(6) Follow-up of the deliveries

Our suppliers organize themselves the deliveries to the different distribution points we send them. Delivery as quickly as possible

(7) Receipt given by the customer under 48h

Every weight difference or claim is immediately transmitted to the suppliers.

(8) Invoicing follow-up

(9) Ligitations follow-up

A sale is made from the delivery to the final payment of the product. Euroser will help you through each one of these steps; which unfortunately can include managing differences (weight and quantity) and delivery damages.

(10) Guidance to customer until the final payment