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Oriented GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative)

Quality management system

Quality Department : qualite@euroser.fr

The quality, the authenticity, the safety and the traceability of the products, required by all economic actors is a fundamental issue for our company.

All our suppliers, slaughterhouses and cutting plants as well as the manufacturing plants we are working with, systematically and at least have a sanitary registration number (EC stamp) and a HACCP procedure. Since 2013, we reinforced our selection by favoring IFS or BRC certified producers.

The company Euroser daily calls for quality measures aiming at improving its organization and its processes, this in order to guarantee a quality of service and optimal product deliveries over time. This process is described, since 2016, in a quality handbook developed in collaboration with the ARIA BOURGOGNE (Regional Association of the Agro-food Industries) in which the HACCP procedure peculiar to EUROSER is outlined.

            • The Quality Policy is organized in such a way that it gives as purpose a perpetual improvement.

            • The Management ensures the efficient conduct of this cycle that can be found through a number of areas  :

                 - quality objectives

                 - corrective and preventive actions

                 - internal audits

                 - supervision of the customer satisfaction and the associated actions

                 - management reviews

            • the quality objectives that are within the ambit of the Quality Policy are annually set at the end of the management reviews based on the results obtained and the business directions. These are spread to the concerned processes.

            • the performance objectives allowing to assess the efficiency of the processes are defined for each of them and are managed by the pilot of the designated process.

            • tThe monitoring of the quality objectives is made through a “dash board” which presents both the target figures and the results obtained. Supervised by the Management, it is updated, displayed and regularly presented to the entire staff.


To that end, we have implemented the following actions :

  1. a regulatory monitoring,

  2. the satisfaction of the customers’ requirements ;

  3. the development of the human resources ;

  4. the information processing and circulation ;

  5. the control of the food safety-related risks ;

  6. the constant improvement of the Quality Integrated Management system ;

  7. the system’s review as for to its perpetual adequacy.