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The selection of the best products

Organization / Order

Trade transactions stream

(1) Materials sourcing

(2) Processing of the requests

(3) Quality referencing of the suppliers

Establishment of the specification sheets and the materials specifications according to the HACCP process described in the quality handbook as defined in the GFSI procedures.

(4) Editing the contracts

A purchase order is edited for the supplier. It includes a unique number which will be used to identify the customers’ sales order.

(5) The contract is in accordance with the customer’s specifications

(6) Transport contract that includes a unique number

After the customer has called the delivery, our logistic organization sets up the delivery with referenced carriers. Carrier specifications are integrated to our GFSI procedure.

(7) Loading instructions are to the supplier in order to meet the customer’s requirements

(8) Loading weights transmitted on the very day of loading

Transmission of the loading documents by the supplier to EUROSER that will then be, after a documentary control, released to the client in the same time as the EUROSER Delivery Note

(9) Receipt of the goods

Our customers attest to the good delivery of the goods within 12h for the fresh and 48h for the frozen

(10) Receiving of the CMRs

(11) Difference

Every weight difference or claim is registered.

(12) Litigations follow-up

Every claim is managed by EUROSER’s quality service and leads to improvement measures

(13) Customer invoicing

(14) Payment of the supplier