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Key figures

In 2002, the company Euroser did market 8.930 tons; a threshold was crossed in 2004 with 11.123 Tons sold to reach a steady volume today exceeding 20.000 tons per year.

The “brokerage” historical activity represents today a relatively stable volume (tonnage), approximately 40-48% of the total volume against approximately 52-60% for the “trade”.

In the framework of its trade activity, between 3 and 5% of the volume is stocked in warehouses at disposition of its customers, mainly in the logistics platform of Kortrijk-Heule in Belgium near the seaport of Antwerp.


Product Percentage (table below:)

Product family   Code %AGE
fresh Beef  BOEF 14.70 %
frozen Beef BOEC 25.40 %
fresh and frozen Pork PORC 23.00 %
fresh and frozen Veal VEAU 10.80 %
fresh Carcasses CARC 14.00 %
Organic farming BIO 1.20 %
fresh and frozen Poultry VOL 7.50 %
fresh and frozen Ovine OVIN 3,40%