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The selection of the best products

Sourcing and Product development

Products development and responsible purchasing practices

The sourcing of raw materials is an essential task in the food products development. Indeed, regulations are numerous and more and more data are requested from our suppliers.

        1- not only do our customers call on our supply system to facilitate their purchases, as our company benefits from an expertise in quality management and establishment of specifications ;

        2- but our suppliers also rely on our customer network to allow them to sell off their production with more fluidity and a better control of their carcasses’ balance to geographic areas at the export and to buyers’ profiles suited to their needs.



The referencing of raw materials, packaging and new suppliers is often a headache for the industrials. It slows down the time-to-market and the development cycles. Indeed, this phase is very time consuming and crucial for the final quality of the tagged information to which the industrial is committed. Given the recent scandals in the sector, the information traceability and the discussions with the suppliers is essential in the event of a crisis.

In the sourcing process, the following steps can be distinguished :

  • sending and follow-up of requests with the suppliers ;

  • verification of the provided information ;

  • data registering in our quality system.

Our teams’ expertise allows to :

  • start the collaboration process ;

  • validate specifications ;

  • follow-up the ongoing referencing procedures ;

  • follow-up the suppliers ;

  • trace the discussions between customer and supplier ;

  • classify and manage the suppliers’ document.