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Since its establishment in 1997, Euroser has developed connections with all the Major slaughter and cutting Groups in Europe without exception.

By favoring a short supply network, we managed, step by step, to build three-party relationships of trust and respect with our Slaughtering and Cutting suppliers and the manufacturing Industrials and European wholesalers – as well as Grand Export partners present across the world.

Thanks to its implication in the GLOBAL FOOD SAFETY INITIATIVE, EUROSER does understand the issues encountered by the industrials and the requirements of their customers.

Closest to the producer and the manufacturer, we bring all transparency elements in application to the article 8, section 8 of the Regulation n°1169/2011 :

“The food industry operators supplying other operators with food products that aren’t intended for the end-consumer nor for government organizations attend to provide to these other food industry operators enough information to allow them, if necessary, to respect their obligations in pursuance of subsection 2.”