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Since 2001, the company Euroser has consolidated the import-export activities of fresh or frozen, bone-in or boneless Beef, Veal and Poultry meat besides its original activity, which is the supply of Pork or Sow meat fresh or frozen to its wholesaler customers and industrials located in Northern Europe.

The company Euroser was established in 1997 in Northern Finistère in Brittany – a region representing 60% of the French Pork production – before the transfer of its head office in the region of origin of its founders, Burgundy, which became Burgundy-Franche-Comté on the 1rst of January 2016.

Thanks to the long experience of its leaders in the meat industry, Euroser has a network of wholesale and industrial customers, allowing direct distribution, from many European slaughterhouses and cutting plants with which special links have been established.



EUROSER is a human-sized company specialized in the import/export of a large range of meat, meat and food products with the producers’ brand or with our own brands. These products can be personalized, elaborated under your own brand.

Our customer list includes businesses in the canning industry, supermarket chains, wholesalers and distributors worldwide.