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Services and technical support

Each request from a supplier or from a customer is individually processed by the same interlocutor. This interlocutor is the specialist of his area and is contactable for any urgent request from his customers or suppliers.
Since our founding, we are dedicated to provide services to our partners :

1- A service in touch with the market developments :
•    meet the customer’s or its market’s requirements and adapt the product to it ;
•    permanently anticipate the market’s movements ;
•    counselling and reactivity for the supply of its customers ;
•    a perfect knowledge of the products ;
•    search the necessary outlet to sell off the suppliers’ existing stocks or their goods to be produced ;

2- A technical support – it means give our keys for understanding to/for : 
•    ensure the access to our partners to an external dedicated logistics service and to exclusive service providers for the delivery of the goods ;
•    the regulatory monitoring ;
•    our customers’ requirements in terms of regulations and certifications ;
•    try to overcome the suppliers’ scheduling issues ;
•    Help our suppliers to ensure an absolute quality at each step of the delivery.


3- A financial support : possibility of a “credit” commission contract (BROKERAGE)
In the framework of our brokerage activity, Euroser acts as commissioned sales agent or “broker” or “commission agent”. Thanks to our brokerage contract, the supplier directly invoices the customer. A “commission” is charged by EUROSER as trade intermediate.

The contract includes all the customer’s contact details, as well as his VAT number for the invoicing and the credit insurances. Just like the trade, it is given a unique number that will follow the delivery from the beginning of the negotiation to the end of the operation, which is after the delivery, the payment of the invoice by the customer to the supplier.
When the supplier – within the brokerage activity - doesn’t meet the necessary guarantees or within the time limit allowed to protect itself from a non-payment of its invoice; in this case the setting up of a “credit” commission can be offered by EUROSER, it means that in this particular case and on application by one of the parties, Euroser can be jointly liable with the other party for the execution of the deal sealed through the company, for an additional commission rate. A specific agreement can be asked to our accounting department. For any delivery request with a “credit” guarantee, a specific contract will be set up. For further information, you can make a detailed request at comptabilite@euroser.fr.

-> if an agreement is found, a “credit” commission contract is established separately from the traditional brokerage contract.