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Since 1997...

Founded in 1997, EUROSER is a family business, run by the second generation with a strong establishment in the French food-processing industry landscape thanks to a special bond developed for years with various slaughterhouses and cutting plants in France and in Europe.

In 2006, the company broke new ground, in addition to its original business, by becoming one of the major organic meat exporter in France to its wholesaler’s customers and historical industrialists located in Northern Europe.

Since 2001, the company is based in the original region of its founders, Burgundy, now BURGUNDY-FRANCHE-COMTE since the 1rst of January 2016, and EUROSER has reinforced its strength in the marketing of a full product range mainly to Europe: beef, pork and sow, poultry, other meats, veal, game, sheep as well as manufactured products like canned meat for the export and pet food.

Beginning 2014, EUROSER has established a quality system allowing to meet the highest standards in this field.




Creation for the company’s 20th anniversary of a new website http://euroser.fr promoting the Quality and Food Defense/GFSI procedures implemented since 2013; acquisition of the domain name http://euroser.fr

IFS BROKER v2 certification on the 3rd of July 2017


Extension of the offices in Avallon to 350m² and creation of a Quality Department.


Joining the ARIA Bourgogne to establish a regulatory monitoring system and a technical assistance system for our customers; extension of the national brand EUROSER to a community trademark of the European Union


Acquisition of the domain name http://euroser.com


New visual identity (logo) clearly identifying the company’s activities and change of the company’s legal form :  SAS (Société par actions simplifiée)


Partnership agreement (sourcing) with Grand Exporters of frozen meat worldwide (outside Europe) and extension of the logistics platform in Kortrijk-Heule in Belgium


Development of partnerships in the organic Pork and Beef meat sectors. http://www.bio.euroser.fr


Investment and set up of the software « Négociel » dedicated to the management of the trade and brokerage specific activity and innovative implementation of sanitary numbers as integral part of our contracts


Relocation of the company’s head office to Avallon (89) in Burgundy for the start of a multi-products activity and creation of an open-space in the sales department


Creation of the company Sarl EUROSER, specialized in the supply of frozen Pork meat to industrialists and in the delivery of fresh Pork carcasses to cutting plants in Northern Europe


Mad cow crisis (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) seeing the marketing volumes of beef meat dropped from 500 to 50 Tons per week


Creation of the Sarl François SERRURIER specialized in the retail of vacuumed beef muscles to Germany and in the supply of carcasses to cutting plants in France